I am a composer, producer and sound designer. I've scored over 30 films and stage productions (5 awards in international film festivals) and 65 episodes of the animated French TV series "Kiri Le Clown". I have also composed five musicals for children which conitnue to play throughout France. My favorite musical ingredients are jazz, classical and World live musicians, with sometimes just a pinch of synthesizer and a zest of real world sounds for that extra oomph.

At a theater near you (if you live in France)

Charline veut pas se laver
, (Charlene Won't Wash)

I wrote the score for this children’s musical currently on tour in France through 2013. Don't hesitate to check it out if you're visiting France with children!

Some of the press reviews:
"Finally a show that is funny, colorful and inventive and that, without being sentimental, casually delivers sound advice.." Frédérik Bleicher - Revue Atelier-Théâtre
"A fresh, simple show where theatre, dance, songs and puppets are combined." Alain Schetrit - Midi Libre
"Élisabeth Gentet-Ravasco has wovrn a sprightly comedy for young audiences, who have a wonderful time participating and commenting." Jean Louis Châles - La Marseillaise

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