Did we just record the new Swiss Anthem?

From left to right: Ron Ovadia, Terry Illous, Zave, Darlene Koldenhoven & Scottie Haskell.

Ron Ovadia and Stéphane Laporte wrote a new lyrics to the National Swiss Anthem for a contest.
He had asked me for advice and I referred him to my favorite french lyricists and friends Alyssa Landry and Stéphane Laporte.
The result is beautiful.

We recorded a demo with 4 of L.A.'s best singers:
Darlene Koldenhoven (soprano), Scottie Haskell (alto), Terry Illous (tenor) and Zave (bass).
Vocal Arrangement by Matthew Levine.
The recording is charming with only the slightest hint of American accent.

After the mix this is what Ron wrote to me:
"fun session! It was a great group, with Terry coaching Darlene in French and Darlene coaching Terry in the music. A little give and take.
And a great pleasure working with you!
Your help was appreciated on many levels."

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