What's new? Quoi de neuf?

Read what Tracy newman has to say about working with me: 

From the July 2016 issue of Bill Berry's Songwriter's Square Newsletter: "Recording at Edward’s" by Tracy Newman 
Edward Auslender has a studio in Culver City called LA Music Lab. It's a separate little bungalow at his residence. I’ve been recording children’s songs there for about 5 years. My first CD, 18 songs all recorded at Edward’s, is “I Can Swing Forever,” and now we’re finishing up my second one, “Shoebox Town.” Pictured here are the brilliant singer/songwriters, Eric Schwartz and Anna Montgomery, creating unpredictable, stunning back-up vocals for me, with Edward at the helm. 
I first met Edward in Harriet Schock’s songwriting class and decided to give his studio a try. I’ve been working there ever since. At first I was drawn to the fact that Edward was not only talented, but he’s French, which I felt might lend a cool, foreign flavor to my music. As it turned out, I got that and way more. Edward is fun to work with, flexible, fast, full of ideas, and devoted to my projects. He makes me sound good. He’s a true collaborator, much more so than I am. And he’s so very easy going. A quality you don’t always find in record producers. Also, he’s available. By that I mean — he manages his time well, and I can always reach him. Edward Auslender makes recording an enjoyable process.

Compliment from Julie Davis 

Julie* wrote me an email today saying:

"I love it. ... Thank you again for all your time, talent and support.  
You are a gift in my life and I feel truly fortunate to have crossed paths with you. Onwards!!!!!"

*Julie Davis, is an American film director, writer and actress best known for directing, writing and acting in the film Amy's Orgasm and for the 2010 romantic comedy film Finding Bliss, which she based on her own experience as an editor of adult films.

Did we just record the new Swiss Anthem? 

From left to right: Ron Ovadia, Terry Illous, Zave, Darlene Koldenhoven & Scottie Haskell.

Ron Ovadia and Stéphane Laporte wrote a new lyrics to the National Swiss Anthem for a contest.
He had asked me for advice and I referred him to my favorite french lyricists and friends Alyssa Landry and Stéphane Laporte.
The result is beautiful.

We recorded a demo with 4 of L.A.'s best singers:
Darlene Koldenhoven (soprano), Scottie Haskell (alto), Terry Illous (tenor) and Zave (bass).
Vocal Arrangement by Matthew Levine.
The recording is charming with only the slightest hint of American accent.

After the mix this is what Ron wrote to me:
"fun session! It was a great group, with Terry coaching Darlene in French and Darlene coaching Terry in the music. A little give and take.
And a great pleasure working with you!
Your help was appreciated on many levels."

Sunday we had a reading of Monkey Mind our musical 

This is the 3rd draft of the musical Bill Berry (Lyrics and music), Terri Weiss (Book) and myself (Music) have been writting.
After 3 years off intense work it seems everyone agrees that we are ready to workshop it for a first presentation on stage!
Here are some of the enthousiuastic responses we received:

Terri wrote to Bill and I:
EVERYBODY LOVED THE MUSIC, guys. Even my old fuddy duddy friends MY age who I thought would not be inclined to like the rap type stuff.
They ALL loved it.
I haven't heard one, not one downer about ANYTHING.

John Sparks (ANMT) wrote:
"I'm really happy with the way this project has turned out. I know it has been a long road, but it has paid off.
Congratulations. Let's see what we can make happen toward a workshop this summer.

An ex Disney exec went home after the reading and wrote us an enthusiastic email.
Here are some excerpts: (I left out the specific suggestions he offered and just kept the compliments)
"I sincerely enjoyed the play. The story is universal – perhaps not in substance, but certainly in its emotion. The story arch is tight"
"the characters are three-dimensional and empathetic. Lots of movement andy growth. I expected to have a pleasant experience, I did not expect to be thoroughly entertained and so moved. And much of that had to do with the score and lyrics that filled out their world and drove the story forward. Kudos to the all writers!
"You could stage Monkey Mind now as a very compelling production"
"the beauty of the story is normal people living normal lives, trying to cope with a tragic but normal situation. This makes a universal story and provides no excuses beyond the common struggle of a single parent and teenage girl to try to find their way.
"the young audience is likely aspirational pre-teens and their parents. But the messages are equally meaningful for both parents and their struggling teens."
" The beauty of this story is that it could, and often does, happen to anyone. Its just what life deals out, and sometimes its harsh, but we must get through it and go on."
"though it may at times have been a struggle, you and your collaborators have made a compelling piece of entertainment."

So I guess we are on to something.

Stay posted. Feel free to contact me if you are a producer or know one who might want to get involved in this project.