Read what Tracy newman has to say about working with me:

From the July 2016 issue of Bill Berry's Songwriter's Square Newsletter: "Recording at Edward’s" by Tracy Newman 
Edward Auslender has a studio in Culver City called LA Music Lab. It's a separate little bungalow at his residence. I’ve been recording children’s songs there for about 5 years. My first CD, 18 songs all recorded at Edward’s, is “I Can Swing Forever,” and now we’re finishing up my second one, “Shoebox Town.” Pictured here are the brilliant singer/songwriters, Eric Schwartz and Anna Montgomery, creating unpredictable, stunning back-up vocals for me, with Edward at the helm. 
I first met Edward in Harriet Schock’s songwriting class and decided to give his studio a try. I’ve been working there ever since. At first I was drawn to the fact that Edward was not only talented, but he’s French, which I felt might lend a cool, foreign flavor to my music. As it turned out, I got that and way more. Edward is fun to work with, flexible, fast, full of ideas, and devoted to my projects. He makes me sound good. He’s a true collaborator, much more so than I am. And he’s so very easy going. A quality you don’t always find in record producers. Also, he’s available. By that I mean — he manages his time well, and I can always reach him. Edward Auslender makes recording an enjoyable process.

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