Why We Have a Body

At the Edgemar Center for the Arts

Directed by Tanna Frederick.
Produced by Alexandra Guarnieri.
Comedy by Claire Chafee.

Claire Chafee's elegant, richly humorous comedy is all about love: romantic love, family love, sibling love, lesbian love, sexual love, and the sometimes strange but wonderful things that we do to satisfy our deepest desires and longings. Funny, sexy and occasionally poignant, "Why We Have A Body" will make you, like Lily and Renee, want to keep coming back for more.

Starring Barbara Bain, Tanna Frederick, Cathy Arden & Alexandra Sedrowski

Original music and sound design by Edward Auslender
The score was recreated live at each performance by five remarkable musicians. A playful mix of jazz, funk, blues and classical music, combined with original sound effects,dynamically interacting with the 4 actresses and reacting to the action.

Band Members: Kyle O'Donnell (Saxophonist), David Abrams(Guitarist), Trevor Steer (Pianist), Cooper Appelt (bassist) and Robert Humphreys (drummer and percussionist)

Here's a taste of some of the music:

What people had to say...

In the news and on the net:

"... a wonderful original score by composer Edward Auslender, performed by a talented quintet who participate in the action... and find yourself wishing for the next musical interlude."
Splash Magazines - Beverly Cohn Editor-at-Large, March 27, 2012

"In addition to eliminating the fourth wall, the actresses also directly addresses the band members, exchanging suggestive glances and prompting them to play different songs. Not only do the band members add a light touch of laughter to the play, but also without the musical accompaniment, the play would be a struggle. The long monologues would be colorless and drone-like in the silence, but the band fills the void with coy soft jazz and sly detective music. ... playwright Claire Chafee directly speaks to the audience through the monologues, Bain’s performance and the band’s music uplift Why We Have a Body ..."
Culver City News - Natalia Evdokimova

"... a full jazz band provides wonderful background music, and it's always a pleasure to watch Bain, who assays her bizarre character with a quirky twinkle in her eye..."
LA Weekly - Steven Leigh Morris

"The five piece jazz band on stage added a nice touch, especially when the musicians interacted with the actors. The original score performed by Kyle O’ Donnell, David Abrams, Trevor Steer, Cooper Appelt, Robert Humphreys and never overpowered the actors and was alive with jazz, classical, blues and sound effects."
Hollywood Theater Examiner - Audrey Linden

"... An added fillip is a jazzy, funky, classical original score composed by Edward Auslender and rendered by a talented quintet. “The music goes with the story,” Frederick explains. “There is a special theme for every person.”
LA Stage Times - Cynthia Citron

Audience reactions:

"Edward Auslender’s music is an integral part of “Why We Have A Body,” acting as a character, interacting with the other characters. It could not be more appropriate at every moment and never intruded on the action of the play. Even though it’s beautiful in itself, it never distracted or detracted. Amazing and moving compositions, soulfully executed by the stellar live band."
Harriet Schock - Singer songwriter, renowned songwriter and teacher of songwriting as well as a consultant to songwriters all over the world

Edward, I didn't get a chance to tell you last night how much I enjoyed the music. You have the rare talent of understanding the underlying message in every song or project you touch. This is not common and I know it when I hear it. Thanks for inviting us.
Art Podell - Singer songwriter, The New Christy Minstrels

"Edward’s music is superb! I could have listened to it for hours! I know nothing about music, but I know what I like! (...) Loved the way he wove the music for each vignette...or each segment of the play. His choice of saxophone was delightful (...) the bells and oh yes, the opening as if a huge orchestra was warming up...he has a real sense of humor! (...) the music sounded so effortless and absolutely charming ...
Yoka Yohanna - portrait artist