I have run numerous songwriting workshops for children, teenagers and adults, taking them through all of the stages involved in the creative and technical processes of creating a film, a song, or even a CD. This includes writing the lyrics, composing and orchestrating the music, recording the musicians, singing the songs, designing visuals for the CD... well, everything it takes to see a creative project through to the end! I love the entire process, especially when children are involved, but the satisfaction really comes from being able to help someone realize their creative potential.

If you'd like to discuss my setting up a workshop for you, don't hesitate to contact me!

What Goes In? (that Recycling Bin)

Do you ever wonder What Goes In The Recycling Bin? Well let these 5th graders tell you. This was the most fun project to work on! Barbara Kaye, Stuart Hindle and I ran a Video Workshop for the Gate kids at Castle Heights Elementary School, on Thursdays, helping the kids create and perform this animated and live action music video. Make sure you watch the end credits, they are awesome! So fun to see how much our kids have grown in such a short time.



Rap Tes Mots (Rap it Up)